IMG College Licensing, LLC's (IMGCL) merchandise is referred to as "Officially Licensed Collegiate Product" (OLCP). All Officially Licensed Collegiate Product is required to contain an OLCP hologram as follows:

- Apparel licensees must have the OLCP hologram hangtags as seen below, unless the licensee already uses its own custom printed hang tag (that has been approved by IMGCL), in   which an OLCP hologram sticker (also seen below) may be placed on their hang tag.

- Non-apparel licensees are required to use OLCP hologram stickers.

- Each authentic hologram will have a unique serial number.  The serial numbers are laser etched and should have a tactile feel.

- All licensees are required to print the name of their company on the product or the packaging.

- All collegiate championship products should also bear an NCAA hologram.

- IMGCL schools require the use of proper ™ and ® designations next to trademarks.





 Former Holograms




  • Licensee’s name must be displayed on product, label or hangtag

  • Proper trademark designations must appear next to each mark

  • Printing and embroidery must be of high quality

  • No printing on seconds/irregulars (i.e., cut tag or no tag)

  • No use of name, image or likeness of current student-athletes